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HA license syllabus with course structure



- General medicine license syllabus General medicine.

The general medicine syllabus typically encompasses a broad range of medical topics, including but not limited to:

1. Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the structure and function of the human body.

2. Pathology: Study of the nature and causes of diseases.

3. Pharmacology: Knowledge of drugs, their effects, and interactions.

4. Internal Medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting internal organs.

5. Infectious Diseases: Understanding and management of communicable diseases.

6. Cardiology: Study of heart diseases and their treatment.

7. Pulmonology: Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disorders.

8. Gastroenterology: Disorders of the digestive system and their management.

9. Nephrology: Diseases related to the kidneys and their treatment.

10. Endocrinology: Study of hormonal disorders and their treatment.

11. Neurology: Diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the nervous system.

12. Rheumatology: Diseases of the joints, muscles, and connective tissues.

13. Geriatrics: Care and management of elderly patients.

14. Critical Care Medicine: Treatment of patients in critical conditions.

15. Preventive Medicine: Strategies for disease prevention and health promotion.

These topics form the foundation for medical practice and prepare students to diagnose, treat, and manage various health conditions across diverse patient populations.

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